Wk 1- Classmate Conversation- Diana Martinez

Wk 1- Classmate Conversation- Diana MartinezMeet Diana Martinez.
Freshman and a Marketing major.
Girl with a passion for film and photography.
One younger sister. One sassy dog.

But that’s just a gist of this wonderful human being’s existence.

While we stood awkwardly in the space between the galleries, I discovered Diana’s true motive of being in Art 110: to explore other mediums of arts and crafts, besides being very knowledgable in computer editing software. One of Diana’s hobbies is to travel around different cities in Southern California, take video logs/vlogs, hold mini-photoshoots, and share that experience to online readers! When I asked if video was more memorable than photo to her, we both agreed that it was indeed much more memorable. I guess if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video would be worth a gajillion of words. We walked around the GLAMFA exhibition and bonded quickly over April Bey’s Trash vs. Trash #Ratchetry. The video showed what we thought was an accurate portrayal of the “ghetto” or “trash” culture occurring in our society. Truthfully, we just gave it a little laugh at the end because the song accompaniment for the video was oh-so fitting. Besides an interest in marketing, Diana told me about how she’d like to own her personal design firm. She also likes minimalistic styles regarding fashion and editing.
One accessory of hers that really caught my eye was her single gold bracelet. When askedIMG_2946 about it, Diana said that her sister gave it to her as a form of communication, like how twins have telepathy- that even though they are four years apart and Diana’s busy in college, they’re still connected somehow. How cute is that?!! It’s like an Elsa-Anna thing, minus the secret super powers and summer-loving snowmen.

At the end of the interview, we walked around the sorority booths and found some that sparked our interests. Diana is up for checking some out, and I completely think it’s a great idea to get fully immersed into college life!

It was definitely a lot of fun walking around the galleries and meeting new friends! While our interview with Diana was very rushed and on-the-spot, it really gave me an idea of other things I’d want to know about a person or an artist.

Oh, and enjoy Diana’s content here.
More on April Bey.






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