Sunny Saturdays: Zine Workshop at CSULB FA

Today consisted of really cool conversations, people, and art. Besides my Art 110 class, I decided to give the Zine workshop a try because why not? ZINE WORKSHOP

I hesitatingly walk in their studio and I’m greeted by Jonathan Torres and Anastasia Palamarchuk, both Graphic Design students. They are such a good team! I felt right where I should be, and not once did it feel like I didn’t fit in. I mean, okay, once Jonathan started going on and on and on about half-tones and Photoshop uses, I started to feel really queasy because the most I’ve done in Photoshop was layer and do some simple editing when I was a freshman in high school. Other than that, this was a really nice experience! I learned what a risograph is, how to fold one page zines that are 17×11, and about the upcoming photography symposium in the next couple of weeks. Everything I heard exuded pure excitement! Truthfully, it made me want to be a part of the FA department.

The funny thing was, when I came in there, Jonathan and Anastasia asked me what department I was from. I was so confused, like did they mean what major I was in? I waited for Anastasia to explain and she listed graphic design, interior, illustration, etc. To their surprise, I said, “Oh no, I’m not a FA student (hahaha) I’m a pre-nursing student!”. Both of their eyes lit up like fireworks! Like the 9:30 Disney fireworks! That’s so cool, they said, we never expected anyone out of our department to have come.

The main tackle of this workshop is for artists to provide personal insight on how the Internet affects different aspects of our private and social lives. Some of the topics included internet dating, internet language, and global connections vs. individual isolation.

Truthfully, I thought we were just going to be given supplies and then allowed to do whatever we wanted for the zines, but to make a very first zine with a purpose actually makes a lot of sense to me. I may have gone to this workshop for fun, but some of the attendees went so that they could start their art portfolios!

There were also lots of example zines of different sizes and different topics. For example, Jonathan’s first zine is about his first time smoking weed and he made such an impressive spread on one side, just illustrations, and then a complete poster on the back side (IT WAS SO COOL).

I think the only thing I regret not doing was actually taking pictures of the workshop. I found the below picture on the FB Zine event page a couple minutes ago (lol, sorry).  Most of the zines pictured below are printed using a risograph. Some are illustrations of adorable things, some are comics. The one I’m holding is about tea and tea leaves.


A zine could literally be about anything and it isn’t discriminating of anyone’s talents, which is what makes it so approachable. I made a blurb photo book recently and it’s a compilation of photos from my senior year of high school, but seriously, it’s not pricey but it’s pricey for someone on a student budget like me. I can’t mass produce that, but I could mass produce a small zine because at the minimum I’ll only need a photocopier!

I am so excited for this project that I’ve already went to the library to buy some old magazines, but the ladies at the small bookstore there gave me a boxful of FREE magazines. Why the free magazines? I might approach this project from a collage perspective, instead of illustrating(I can’t professionally draw things, it’s all “doodles”).

Everyone, thanks for reading this extra segment today! I think I’ll continue adding more posts like this one in the next few weeks.

xoxo- ajfloresca




2 thoughts on “Sunny Saturdays: Zine Workshop at CSULB FA

  1. Super awesome that you did the Zine workshop Anna! And also super awesome that you blogged it on your website!

    As you know, I’m pushing for peeps to make “professional ePortfolios” for careers like Nursing. But it’s also a great application of your website to make it a zine site. It’s a great idea to think about how you can convey some of the zine power in online space. Or how an online zine would be different. The tactile qualites of a paper zine are very seductive for a lot of people, and it’s also cool that you have to get it from a shop or the artist or in some direct way. Then again, it’s also pretty exciting to thing that an online zine could be seen by people in every country, by far away friends and relatives, and by anyone you wanted to share it with.

    Keep up the great work Anna! LMK if I can help with anything.


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