Wk 2- Classmate Conversation- Allison Wendell

As I was waiting for my english class to start last Thursday, I hovered ovIMG_2999er to the Instagram hashtag that Art 110 was going to work on for the day. I saw many of the early birds post from the comfort of their rooms, but the one that really caught my eye, and many of us undoubtedly saw it too, was the girl with the really weird shirt. To add to the weirdness of this, halfway through my english class, I see this really pale auburn haired girl sitting in front of me with the SAME SHIRT. And I thought, OMG I know exactly who I’m going to interview today! So on the way to the SOA galleries, I introduced myself to the lovely Allison, and I’m so glad that I did!

Meet Allison, everyone!
Allison is a Film major, hailing from the “hella” region of northern California. She’s taking Art 110 because it was recommend for her major, but she also sees this class as a great opportunity to meet new people and appreciate art. She likes to read and write, and of course, delve into art and watch movies! When I asked her some of her favorite movies, like the very important ones that really “clicked” to her, she thought for a moment and couldn’t come up with just one. She listed movies from Tarantino and Woody Allen, but the one we bonded over was Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Truthfully, who wouldn’t love Miyazaki films? There’s something about them that’s scary and weird, yet fascinating all at once, just like the shirt Allison was wearing! She even made a couple puns when we started talking about how there’s so many “eye”-pods and “eye”-phones nowadays(as dorky as that sounds, haha). I further asked her what kind of music she listens to when she’s alone, and she replied with genres such as alternative rock, beach music, bands like Phoenix and Arcade Fire.

After our little interview around the galleries, we made our way to the club rush that was happening. We found a couple of volunteer clubs (for me) and after what seemed like forever- the Film Club (for her). We also talked about our amazing summer vacation. Hearing her stories about England and France was so much fun! And oddly enough, it felt so tiring, as if I was there with her while all of it happened!

It was such a lovely time spent with a new person! Truthfully, I don’t usually go out of my comfort zone to go as far as introducing myself to random people, but I’ve been bit by a social butterfly(if social butterflies do indeed bite), and I am very thankful to have met such a wonderful person!

I’d like to extend my greatest thanks to Allison for the fun interview that didn’t even seem like an interview!

Pay Allison a visit at her blog here!




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