Wk 2- GLAMFA Artist- Heidi Kayser




For this week’s segment of GLAMFA, I chose Heidi Kayser and Perched. I actually wanted to write about this one for last week’s post, but I didn’t exactly understand what the artist wanted to show here. This one, compared to Ava Porter’s Grandfather, seemed like the “open-book” piece that I was thinking about last week.

I saw this one as a person who uses material things to cover up or hide something that they wouldn’t want anyone to see. It’s so obvious, no? We could see the nylon covering a foam/spongelike matter with little pearls lining the holes. Inside, it’s a pitch black material, probably just the foam that’s painted with black paint. What else besides topics relating to beauty could anyone say this piece is about? Clearly, it portrays someone who’s insecure and dark inside- that many people keep two identities: one for the outside world, and one that is a secret to everyone.



However, Kayser mentioned that her pieces are “not animal, not human, not furniture”. She further explains that her pieces “could be cocoons, exoskeletons…existed solely for the purpose of nurturing life”. This made me rethink of how I saw the piece. It made me look at this as a vessel that carries or once carried a living thing, despite what kind of life it is living or has lived. The main focus is that this “it”, whatever “it” is, exists (or once existed).

When a couple of my friends and I saw this, some of them were quite disturbed by it’s presence in the middle of the gallery. I guess it is very disturbing, but as some saying goes, the most beautiful and alive things are the most frightening to the eyes. It’s supposed to stimulate a spectator’s senses because that’s when an artist’s purpose has been relayed through. And boy, this one pierced right through me.

Visit Heidi Kayser on her GLAMFA page here.


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