Wk 2- Relational Aesthetics- Instaday!



This week’s art activity involved getting in touch with social media. Under the #art110f14, I saw many different kinds of people and the things they see and do. There was also a commonality that tied us all: it’s our second week in CSULB. Because of this, most of our posts are about the new friends we’ve met, the homework that’s piling up quickly, and the amazing landmarks on campus. We’re all busy settling in and getting ready for what I’m sure to be an action packed semester! It definitely feels like we are a big community. Though despite our commonality, we seem to retain our individuality on the kind of captions we post. Our words are indeed a big factor of what makes us who we are. Some captions were very simple, while others were very funny. This was a very relaxing activity since taking pictures is something that’s very easy to do- and those who don’t like to be in pictures might probably enjoy doing.

Above are my four posts for this activity, and it was a lot of fun taking them!


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