Wk 3- Artist Interview- Patricia “Trish” Rangel


Last Thursday, I met Patricia Rangel. Patricia, or Trish, is currently going to school for her MFA in Metals. In her recent exhibition, Trish focuses on blending past memories with her present. By this I mean that her pieces contain her roots/ hometown. One of my favorite installment is this one below:


Trish said that she incorporated dirt from her hometown in this piece! It’s so great to see such a humble artist paying homage to where they grew up.  To me, it means that they’re not afraid to show their past to an audience. This is like reading Trish’s diary, filled with very private and personal thoughts, and I applaud her for showing it for the world to see. It’s an amazing invitation to another person’s world and feelings.
Another piece that I really loved is this one:Collage #1

Trish described this installment as “shapes traced and extracted from a my[her] hometown’s map, connected based on my intuition”. When I asked her if the maps meant anything, she confirmed my thought of it having a connection to her memories. I also thought that it was shaped like a heart, and when I brought it up, she said, “For that piece, it’s more about just extraction and tracing, and then working intuitively.” When she said that, I was truthfully ashamed of how I had been reading the piece. We know that there is no right way to look at another person’s artwork, but I terrifyingly did just that- I wanted the piece to look like a heart. I wasn’t the artist, but I automatically labeled it the way I saw it. Trish saw it as something different and something far more greater than a simple-minded person like me would ever see it. This piece tells me that people have very intricate and complex webs of feelings and memories, that an outsider is just someone who can do nothing but look and speculate from where they stand. This is a great example of how each and everyone of us live very different lives. We can never exactly pinpoint something about a person because there is an entirely differently world behind the face they show.

I really liked Trish’s installments because it inspired me to be braver when showing other people what I make. For example, that pink sketchbook that I have IS my diary. I have ideas and dreams and wishes and very private feelings in that sketchbook through the form of drawings and writing. It was a big step for me to break down my walls and show it to Diana, then to Allison, and now to Conny, but to see Trish actually share her hometown and her past with a greater amount of people emboldened me to share what I felt, what I dreamed, what I wished for. Trish has communicated her entire world to a pool of very different worlds with simple, yet intriguing pieces that captured the essence of her past. With this installment, I was reminded of my childhood and my past. I thought of how my life could have been connected to Trish’s life. That’s what I want to do. She’s a part of someone who I want to become in the future- someone who creates something that connects to different worlds, all the while being able to express what she feels.

Week 3 has been very hectic! First of all, I must admit that it was kind of intimidating and frightening to ask questions, but then I realized there is no such thing as a “stupid” question when it comes to asking about another person’s artwork(I think, however, that  ignorant and close-minded questions do exist). I am very thankful to Trish Rangel for a wonderful exhibit and for the huge amount of patience she had for really weird questions 🙂

If you’d like to see more of her work, please visit here.


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