Wk 3- Classmate Conversations- Conny Ramirez

wk 3 cc Conny  For this week’s Classmate Conversations, I met Conny Ramirez through my good friend, Diana. She’s a freshman and a Biology major. We started our conversation with a lot of levity. We shared a lot of laughs and agreed to many things. When I asked her how her college experience is currently going, she mentioned it being “riveting” and a place where there is so much freedom! We could do things like not go to class and not get in trouble(though I do kind of worry about missed work, lol). It’s completely different from high school where everything is controlled. Music-wise, we both shared a liking for alternative rock, but the fun thing that surprised me was that Conny listens to country music! COUNTRY MUSIC. WHAT. Conny listed Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and the Zac Brown Band as some of her favorite CM stars. And when I asked her why she likes CM, she said: “I don’t know, it just relaxes me. It also tells stories- like nice stories and the tones and stuff relax me.”  We talked about how mainstream music has completely changed in the last few years, and that our tastes, while very different, has also changed and evolved along with society.
I asked her a couple of really weird/personal questions:
AJ: What did you have for breakfast?
CR: I ate peanut butter sandwich 🙂
AJ: Nice! With jam?
CR: No, I didn’t have jam.
AJ:Oh, well plain peanut butters are okay!

I don’t know why I asked that, but they say a lot can be said by if and what a person eats in the morning! (I can’t source anyone on this, so it may not be true) Nonetheless, I see that Conny seems like a very energetic person! She talked about her past involvement in high school sports, specifically soccer. Apparently, her high school team was good enough to qualify for Southern California’s CIF! When I asked her why she isn’t continuing soccer on college level, Conny expressed that she felt the need to focus on school more. I thought of how similar we are in terms of making decisions. For me: I love making art, and even though I have thought of pursuing art in college, I’d rather just nurture and build up on it as a hobby; While for Conny, it seems soccer will always be a part of her life, and even though she has different priorites now, her love for the sport wIMG_2018ill never waver.

I ended our interview with asking why she chose Art 110.
CR: Well, I took Art 110 because it seems like a very fun class, and it is, I LOVE it. I’m with friends! I was in Theatre before this class. And it was packed, there was like 45-50 people in a small classroom.
AJ: And is acting not your forte, like, you don’t really like performing?
CR: I would like to do it, but I had to interact with people. Touch people and stuff.
I totally get her point about the touching people part! There’s something very precious about boundaries, which some are meant to be broken, but not on the first few days of school. We both like that in this class, we get to interact with new people, but mostly importantly, get to keep our hands to ourselves at all times(unless if the situation requires a polite goodbye hug or handshake).

For this weeks’s exhibition, we immersed ourselves into the phantasmic world of Christopher Vavrek! This was Conny’s favorite installment and she couldn’t stop freaking out about how creative and mind blowing everything was. It was so great- every nook and corner of the Gatovs were filled with ancient dinosaurs(by dinosaurs I mean really, really old computers lol).

It was so much fun meeting Conny this week! I showed her some of the progress that’s been going on in my pink sketchbook so head on over to Conny’s site here.




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