Wk 3 Extra Credit- LA Kickstarter Film Festival 2014

IMG_2032OMGulay (gulay means vegetable)

It was like stepping into a universe where everyone just chilled and relaxed and enjoyed being a part of something new.
Everywhere I looked, there were groups of friends, of family, little kids with their moms and dads and grandpas and grandmas. It was a gathering, but a very different gathering to what I’m used to. You could just tell that there were many talented people sharing the same space and the same air. IT WAS AWESOME.IMG_2038

I got there around 630, but the main screening didn’t even start yet, so me and my friends, Diana, Conny, and Steph, had plenty of time to look around. There were booths of past Kickstarter projects that were successfully funded. Some that appeared were Flipbookit, Bureo Skateboards, and Melon: A Headband. The girls tried the bicycle-churned ice cream from Peddler’s Creamery and sampled some of the Secret Squirrel’s Cold Brewed Coffee. There was an old light blue Cadillac turned into a hot tub! IMG_2041IMG_2056

Even though we didn’t stay the entire night, we had an amazing time! We sat among hundreds of people who were there to enjoy a relaxing night under a really nice Los Angeles sky. People brought lawn chairs, beach chairs, picnic blankets- a group in front of us consisted of four adults and they had everything: a big picnic basket, a short coffee table(like the ones that you could see in Korean dramas), and the highlight of the setting: miniature wine bottles and glasses, like the one they sell at World Market stores! It was so quintessentially American! Those are the kind of images that pop out of romantic novels and magazines. Oh how I wished to be 21 and maturely drinking wine just to be part of that image!

IMG_2052  The videos that were screened was such a variety of projects! There were those that exuded pure fun such as Obvious Child and Kung Fury. There were also those that were hard-hitting and heartfelt, such as Planet Monkey Makes A T-Shirt and Rich Hill. All the while, everyone in the audience immersed themselves and paid careful attention to the amount of work and art displayed in front of them. I mean, who couldn’t? That screen was huge! And who wouldn’t? Only a crazy person with no interest in this kind of festival would ignore such a phenomenon. And speaking of crazy people….

My dad drove me here, despite my friends offering me a ride. They left a little early to beat traffic, and I couldn’t really go anywhere until six. Truthfully, I didn’t know what was going to be shown, or how the entire night was going to turn out, so imagine my horror when my dad said, “I’m not wasting gas going back and forth just to pick you up a couple hours later. I’m staying.” By “staying”, I thought he meant he was just going to “stay” in the parking lot, inside the car, with his poker game on his phone, bUT NO. The old geezer WENT OUTSIDE AND WALKED AROUND. He didn’t call- he didn’t tell me he was going to see what’s going on. But imagine my fascination when he started freaking out about what he saw… and apparently, he saw the ENTIRE first act.

Talking to him about it was like to talking to him about basketball, which we both love(GO CHI BULLS), and he was so so so enthusiastic about it! He really like the PM Makes A T-Shirt video , and I could tell he was really touched by it. He also talked about the Max City BBQ and the Three Jerks Jerky and how his mouth was watering for all of it! It wasn’t that I asked him to stay away from me and my friends (but it would’ve been really awkward if he was there), but I seriously had thought he wouldn’t like it, let alone think twice about leaving the car. When we drove home, it was all that we both could talk about!

Lots of thanks for a nice night, KSFF 2014!


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