Wk 3- Activity- Kickstarter (Arts Funding)

This is a very uplifting KS video, not only because the art work is so fantastic, but also because Clio is a natural in front of the camera! She looks so welcoming and genuinely passionate for what she loves to do. Above all, it was simple, personal, yet very enticing. No wonder people have pledged more than four times the $2,800 goal! Clio seems at ease and very confident, which is another factor of how to reel backers in- if you as an artist is confident with your work, you’re backers will feel that and will be empowered to pledge! The video follows funny saying: K.I.S.S. principle. it’s 1;32 mins long, but it captured the entire purpose of the video. Clio wasn’t demanding, in fact, she sounded so down to earth! I think she did a good job with picking the right words to say, all the while getting her points across. I love the very last part: “Thank you so much for watching and helping me bring these strangers into your…home”. WHAT A LINE!

My (fake) Kickstarter is the one below:

Fun fact: I was standing the entire time.


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