Wk 4- Classmate Conversations- Aubrey Delos Reyes

IMG_3124Everyone, meet Aubrey Delos Reyes! Ok, I must admit, I didn’t exactly meet her at the art galleries right then and there. Let’s back up to last Tuesday, shall we?
It was around late 3 pm when I boarded the bus going home. It was fairly crowded, but I managed to snag a seat next to a girl who turned out to be Aubrey! She was the first one who initiated our conversation, which kind of caught me off guard because I’m used to introducing myself first. She told me that we have Art 110 together, and she recognized me from my face being up on the screen a couple of times (sarcastically flips hair). Apparently, Aubrey lives a couple of minutes from my neighborhood, hence her taking the same bus I was on. It was great! I complimented her on her cute sandals that day, and she said it was from her recent visit to the Philippines! That was so cool! She started freaking out about how much she missed her homeland and truthfully, I was freaking out for her too! I also shared my sentiments because the Philippines is a great place to visit. The FUN part of that entire conversation was that Aubrey told me she’s a… pre-nursing major! She’s my first pre-nursing friend! (I have recently noticed I have met/befriended more FA/Film students lol).
To kill time in the bus, we talked a lot about classes we were taking at the moment. We also shared some of our fears about the competitiveness in getting into the nursing program at the Beach. It was so relieving to know that I’m not the only one worrying from hell and back about these things. I seriously thought that every pre-nursing student(besides me) have got everything prepared and figured out for the next three years, but here is AuIMG_3126brey who shares the same worries that I have.
Now the ridiculous, yet somewhat true, stereotype of Filipino women nowadays is that everyone who’s a woman is a nurse or a caregiver or a doctor. However, Aubrey comes from an accounting family, her parents pushed her into math and numbers, but she had other plans for herself. She then applied into pre-nursing! She’s very interested in the human body and loves helping people. She told me she dreamed of becoming a pediatrician, which we both agreed that it would be great to work with children. I’m ending this nursing talk here… LET’S GET TO THE FUN STUFF!

Aubrey is into photography! She is an avid photographer with her cute Polaroids of friends and landscapes! Aubrey also likes DIY things. She said gift-wrapping and actually giving gifts are really fun( I AGGRESSIVELY AGREE). When I asked her what kind of music she liked, she listed a variety of really cool songs. Speaking of music, Aubrey plays the ukulele! She’s done Ingrid Michaelson covers to the Wall-E soundtrack “La Vie En Rose”. We exhanged what our favorite foods are at the moment and she listed: egg rolls/lumpia, pancit(Filipino noodle dish), and macarons! I love macarons too, but we both agreed they are very, very, VERY expensive and tedious to make. The last question we both exchanged answers to was what are some of the things we wanted to cross out our bucket list. Aubrey mentioned wanting to go camping in Big Sur and watch Wicked! She’s so cool! Camping in Big Sur would be such a wonderful time! And Wicked seems like it’s very much worth the watch!

Thank you to Aubrey for being the first to introduce herself in the bus!
I know how intimidating and scary it is to just introduce yourself to new people and come up with what I call On the Spot Courage & Confidence(OSCC), but I am so so so thankful! 

For more on Aubrey, visit her here.


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