Wk 4 Activity- Plaster Casting

Week 4 Collage

It was cold today, but compared to the past few weeks of pure heat, it was soo refreshing! I wasn’t able to go with the Art 110 herd, but there was a really nice dude (who apparently has the same class) and he came up to me and offered to help (thank you btw!!) I denied his help and that was it lol. Other than that, there was a big group of people who participated in the So Cal wide beach clean up. It was great- kind of nostalgic for me though, took me back to my PHS Green Club days 🙂

The process itself was fairly easy. I got my dad to help me with the mixing, then he left to do some quick fishing. Artisans who plaster cast are such patient people! Here’s a short video of what happened:

Music: soundcloud.com/jameswalkermusic/seaside-ukulele-instrumental


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