Wk 5- Artist Interview- I-tan Wong


This week’s favorite of mine is I-tan Wong’s Mom. Unfortunately, Wong wasn’t at the galleries last Thursday, so I wasn’t able to express my amusement towards her piece.

At first glance, this piece attracted me because of the vibrancy of the colors. As someone who doesn’t really know how to coordinate colors, the mere fact that there was a kaleidoscope in one photo and a set of black and white eyes in front of a red background was a feast to my senses. Together it’s so whimsical and outrageous, but one by one, it tells me different stories.

IMG_3225The first one implies that the mother has eyes like a fly’s. Most flies are known to be short-sighted, so this tells me that the mother in this piece is probably traditional and conservative. The background are a mosaic of pictures, presumably the artist herself, as if showing that this is how the mother sees her daughter- in a very monotonous and dull color. I was also reminded of Minnie Mouse and her polka-dotted bow (what is up with polka dots this month??), which I thought was super fun, because it’s very girly, yet bad-ass at the same time (lol). The mother in the picture isn’t smiling(because bad-asses don’t smile).

IMG_3227The second one was my favoritest of the three. The kaleidoscope background eats up the mother leaving only her desperate, if not terrified face. Truthfully, it’s as if she’s contemplating why on earth she let her daughter study photography if things would result to her having to come out in such a weird piece! Her facial expression is great! If she is the artist’s mother, she’s such a great mom though! I admire her support for a very artistic child! Her nostrils looked flared up, indicating that this shot must’ve been the 50th photo taken and that she’s ready for a well-deserved spa break.

IMG_3226The third one  was weirdest of it all. There’s at least 30+ eyes stickered on her face that makes her look like a cute monster. She’s not even that scary; a scare level from zero to Sinister (the 2012 movie)(I HATE IT) and she’s like a Disney Channel Halloween special scary (aka not scary at all).
I like that Wong showed her mother this way because that’s exactly what females are- weird, scary, and at first glance, sometimes unapproachable, but with the use of vibrant colors and background, Wong implies that females are also loving and brave and strong and a lot of FUN. It was so much fun looking at these because any woman that a spectator knows could fit in these frames! And we know a lot of women! Even women we don’t know in person, but know in face can magically appear in these! I could see Beyonce or Emma Watson in these, it wouldn’t be as funny, but it’s  still funny- period. << hahaha( I literally ended that sentence with “period period”)(do you not get it???)(excuse you if you didn’t get that).

This piece made me think of my mom. If I were to ever portray my mother in photographs, it would probably similar to Wong’s piece. It reminded me that mothers, despite being portrayed a certain way in society, are different people in their own twisted, yet quirky way. For example, when my mother is tired from work, she doesn’t fall asleep right away. In fact, she sits in front of our TV set and watches Filipino dramas. She then falls asleep on the couch and gets mad at me when I turn off the TV, defending that she was “still watching”. Yeah right, mom, because everyone could close their eyes and watch TV at the SAME TIME. Idk, maybe it’s a mom thing.

But that’s her “color”, or her “quirk”, I guess- just like how the mother in the piece is able to see her daughter in different angles(left photo), be able to say yes to a fun kaleidoscope background(center photo), and agree to sticking eyes on her face (right photo).

I couldn’t exactly find Wong’s website or anything on her over the Internet, but I did find a previous WP post on her from a past Art 110 student. Link to the post is here.


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