Wk 5- Classmate Conversations- Joseluis Santillan

IMG_3224 This week I met Joseluis Santillan through my friend Conny. We actually met each other last week and told me that I was going to be the subject of his next interview. Great, I thought, here is something I could look forward to. He also told me that he liked my Kickstarter video! This guy just earned 1000+++ friendship points!!( I worked really hard on that video btw).

As we were walking through the art galleries, Jose pointed to some of the pieces and expressed his likes and dislikes. He told me that even though art is cool and fascinating, it’s also fascinatingly confusing. Some of the pieces didn’t make sense to him, and of course, it also didn’t make sense to me either. Despite this, I tried to apply what I had learned from the week before and that was to just fall in awe with the artworks and, in a way, accept what I see so that I could expand my thoughts and feelings from that position. *Enough about me*

Jose is a freshman and Psych major from LA. He’s also into sports- as in this guy was serious about sports. He told me that when he was in high school(which was the past school year lol) he used to be in track and field, cross country, and soccer. Currently, Jose is taking a class in soccer. That’s great! That tells me that he’s doing something he loves while getting his education. It also tells me that he is a disciplined student- I never played sports in high school, but had acquaintances who did and some of them did struggle to balance school with sports( to the point that they got off the team so they usually got good grades, but sucked balls in the sports and vice versa). Jose and I further talked about our shared struggle of meeting new people. As freshmen, it really isn’t that hard to not be able to meet new people because everyone is so different, and everyone in this art class in particular are already in their own cliques and pairs by the time someone bats their eyelashes. It’s fucking scary. However, we both agreed that it is because of this that makes it a fun class. It is because of this that makes new bridges, even though those bridges may be weak at first build. This class is the destroyer of comfort zones and we both agreed that we liked going out of comfort zones once in a while.

On the last leg of our conversation, I asked Jose three questions:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the next few years, where would it be and why?
JS: I would want to travel to Minnesota…I’ve been there before for a college trip and loved the sights! Wide plains, nature all around, fresh oxygen, and the different hardcore weather 😀

2.Do you play video games? If yes, what?
JS: I do play video games!! I play on the Xbox 360 I love fps like Battefield 4, rpg’s like the Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, or Grand Theft Auto Five, and I love fighting games like Mortal Kombat 9! 🙂

3. Would you rather have toes for teeth or teeth for toes?
JS: I would rather have teeth because then It wouldn’t hurt to hit the corner of a table or wall with my toes because well I wouldn’t have any lol.

Thanks to Jose for a very chill and relaxed conversation this week! It was nice to see someone share the same struggles I have, but hopefully in the future we get to be at a level of comfort where it isn’t weird for us to initiate a conversation with someone new!

More on Jose.


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