Wk 6- Artist Interview- Emily Gross

IMG_3300 Here we see the amazing Emily Gross in her Lost and Found show in the Merlino gallery.

I have a great liking in paintings and the painters themselves because of the color factor— I can’t get my colors and shading correct. So it’s just natural for me to be immersed into Emily’s paintings because every stroke carries a different life to it, something that I would like to imitate, but in a way, shape it as my own.

Emily’s paintings mostly depict nature. She told me that she usually carries her paints with her while traveling. She waits for some good lighting, then proceeds to paint the landscape she sees in front of her! Emily loves to travel not only because of the painting, but also because of her relatives who are scattered around the globe. Some of the pieces I saw and inquired were from Yosemite, Canada, and Australia.

Week 6 Collage 1

There were so many colors! A big contrast that I saw was that Emily wore all black, but her paintings were exploding with colors! I love it! It reminded me a lot about my time this past summer in Yosemite. Surprisingly, Emily told me that some paintings were from her trip to Yosemite last June.

One of the paintings I liked is this one with the trees. It took me back to my high school days and my old PHS Green Club, where we went on hikes and camping, which is a lot of fun when you’re with friends! There’s that sense of nostalgia that took me back to that time and I think that’s a reason why Emily painted them. She must’ve taken photos and collected tidbits, but painting what she was immersed in was like capturing every minuscule feeling, breeze, temperature, and maybe even the scent of the place.

Week 6 Collage 2 At first I thought it was acrylic on canvas, but Emily said it was oil. She explained that oil gave that texture from the brushstrokes that make the painting more alive. And I agree, the brushstrokes do add life to the paintings. My favorite two are the ones above. I loved the one on the left because I was amazed at how she got to blend the different hues of green and blue! It reminded me of the phrase “green-glass sea”. The only time I ever saw a crystal clear “green-glass sea” was when my family and I went to Santa Catalina and it was so cool! Now I kind of regret not bringing my sketchbook and at least trying to work with Crayola markers lol. I playfully asked her if she does workshops, and she said no lol (sad face for me).

I asked Emily which artists does she want to meet, dead and alive. She listed Manet as the dead artist because he is “one of the catalysts that broke tradition” and paved way for more landscape and figure impressionistic styles. For the alive artists part, Emily mentioned Chuck Close, an amazing American painter and photographer, despite being handicapped, who’ve managed to create large portraits and didn’t let his disability block his passion of painting.

At the closing of our conversation, Emily told me that her show is the result of combining her two passions in life: painting and traveling. She’s inspired me to think of what I really wanted to do in life as well. Maybe art for me isn’t just a hobby- maybe I’ve been lying to myself about it because I’m a little wuss and is currently in a chronic creator’s block lol let me just laugh this off, but on the more serious note, let me just shed some light on this lady’s awesome cat shoes!!!


She’s so feminine, yet so punk and bad-ass (where is the heart eyes emoji when you rlly need one???) I have also noticed that most bad-asses wear lots of black in the daytime, and it was particularly extra hot last Thursday so I applaud all the bad-asses, including Emily, out there! (clapping emoji).

More on Emily here 😀 I recommend on actually clicking because I really think you’ll also dig her other en plein air works(I AGRESSIVELY DIG IT)!


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