Wk 6- Classmate Conversation- Albert Macias

ALbert MaciasOur interviewee for this week is none other than Albert! He is currently a freshman and a Business Management major in the making. I actually did meet Albert at the galleries last Thursday and it was funny because I remember just staring at people and looking who’ll stare back then Albert was there so I waved him over. Our lovely friend Diana has interviewed him as well! I just felt that today was going to go really well ūüėÄ

Albert and I spent a couple of minutes outside first. We were hanging out with Allison for a while until I gave her the boot lol. Then we headed towards¬†the¬†Labyrinth in the Gatovs. It was so cool- LITERALLY. The AC was on full blast and I couldn’t believe it. There was a deer made of sparkly styrofoam and it all looked and felt like a winter wonderland( btw Christmas is 82 days away!!) The piece that Albert and I both liked would have to be the deer-man. As we were walking to the second part of the Gatovs, I saw the egg-like sculpture, but I did not see the DEER MAN. I let out such a girly shriek¬†that even Albert got scared too. It took us¬†like a couple¬†minutes to recover. When we recovered, though, we took some pictures with the deer man and even posted on the app French Girls:
IMG_3316We talked a lot about family. I learned that Albert is a family person, and that he likes fashion because of his mother, who works¬†in the fashion industry. In fact, I learned that they have a cutting warehouse in downtown LA! That’s so cool! I’ve learned of friend families owning fast food joints, but never something as cool as a warehouse! When I asked Albert about something in hisIMG_3284 bucket list, he replied with zip lining in Rio, starting an online fashion store, and visit Spain. I could just picture him in Brazil through the Amazon! And the online fashion store- here’s something to look out for! This tells me that he’ll be using his business management knowledge to back up his fashion industry endeavors! And Spain, OHH SPAIN. I asked him why he chose Spain, and he told me it’s because he finds the culture and the atmosphere interesting and awesome. After business management, Albert plans on applying to some of America’s top fashion schools such as FIDM in LA and FIT in NY to pursue his love for fashion. This guy is serious about his dream, and it’s so cool because I¬†almost don’t get to meet¬†many people who are so sure about what they want to do in the future. As Paulo Coelho emphasized in his book¬†The Alchemist, we all have our own “personal legends”, it’s just up to the person himself whether he will go through the journey or not- and I applaud Albert for knowing what he wants and needs to do at such a young age ūüėÄ

On the last arm of our conversation, a part I have come to like to call, the “tumblr-survey”, we started asking each other a blitz of questions. One of my favorite things to ask is “What kind of music do you listen to?” He replied with alternative rock and that his current favorite singer is Sam Smith, and current fave song from Sam would be¬†I’m Not The Only One. I’m actually listening to it right now and it’s so good, yet kind of sad at the same time. I found out we both like old RNB and Tangled to name a few more things.

This week had been so much fun! Thank you to Albert for being such an awesome interviewee!
For more on Albert, click here.


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