Wk 6- Activity- Drawing via FG app!!♥


Drawn all via https://www.frenchgirlsapp.com/ on iPhone & iPad 😀

My selfies that got drawn:

IMG_3271 IMG_3316


Selfies that I drew for others:
IMG_3313 IMG_3310

FrenchGirlsApp_Drawing FrenchGirlsApp_Drawing (1)

I have always been drawing just girls. Let me emphasize, however, that these are happy girls. Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” This quote has stuck to me ever since then because she’s right. She’s damn right. It’s a quote of empowerment. It’s an invitation to do whatever it is that makes you happy then the good auras will just come spewing out of you. It’s an invitation for girls to be comfortable with who they are and be comfortable in building self-confidence and self-love. So these drawings are a result of that idea. Mind you, the drawings are indeed very childish and doll-ish to the point that it may be a little creepy if you stare for more than just a couple of minutes, but sadly, I am not that great at drawing, for I am great at doodling!!!!!!!

I only posted two selfies in total (by myself), only because my selfie game has gone to super-ultra-negative 10000 points so why even bother lol.

This is a great activity, so far it is my second favorite (first is the KSFF one). I think it’s great that drawing and painting has evolved into something technological. The sharing factor of it is great as well because a bigger pool of audience is able to appreciate art in a different medium. I used my iPhone for the first two that I drew, then my brother’s iPad for the last two. The app is just like Photoshop, but a funny, two week fetus, if not embryonic, version of it. I love it. When we first downloaded it, my friends and I were so engrossed in other people’s very witty and funny drawings. It makes a person want to be witty and funny as well!
On another note, hopefully the girls would like how I drew them. I’m still a little iffy about drawing boys, but someday I’ll get to it (hahahahahha, fingers crossed).

Au revoir! Je vais roupiller. 


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