Wk 7- Classmate Conversations- Sandra Menjivar

Hi everyone, meet my friend Sandra! I met Sandra in my Psych 100 class at least two weeks before I found out from her that we have Art 110 together!

♡This is Sandra is her natural habitat♡IMG_3402

She’s showing off her henna/gold watch/brown knit combo. DO YOU DIG IT? (Bc I do!!!)

Sandra is currently an undeclared freshman, but she plans on taking on education in the future.  She graduated from Ghar High School in Cerritos, and I found out that we are somewhat neighbors! She lives in Artesia, while I live in Lakewood. It got really hot last Thursday and we sat under the sun, but it was ok because she was wearing a knit also. Together, we suffered from the mild heat that was climbing up the scale.
I learned that Sandra was very active in clubs during her high school career. She was VP of the Spanish Club, which sparked her interest in traveling to Spain. Like Albert last week, I asked Sandra where would she travel to if she had the chance and she said Spain!! She told me she wanted to watch Barcelona’s soccer team live! Sandra is fond of soccer! She also ran track and played soccer in high school! She’s super athletic and likes to move a lot, so talking to her was so much fun because she gets excited and talks with her hands! I love people who get excited! We share a love for doodling! Sometimes I’d see her doodle in our psych class, and it’d be of people or just random things.

Sandra mentioned her like for Kenita Hale’s The Afterparty, citing that it captures the spirit of Halloween. She went there last Wednesday when Kenita and two other students dressed up as clowns and did some weird things like not move around in the dark or actually move, but it a really spooky way. Sandra was spooked, but said that it was really cool to see the artist included in her own show. I agree! I noticed that usually artists like to blend in with the crowd because the spotlight is on their works the entire time- their existence as artists are already embedded within their creations.

I had some hearty laughs with Sandra. We talked about boys and girls with jungle fever. I asked her what she liked to do in her spare time and she listed riding her bike, watching movies on Netflix, and running (I told you see is athletic!!).

Then she asked me a weird question about boys who poop squares. I would like to meet such boys hahaha.
Sandra is so weird, but then so am I. We instantly clicked in psych and I’m glad I have her for art also.

More on Sandyyyyy ♡♡♡♡


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