Wk 7 -Activity- Painting x Spray Paint!

WENT TO VENICE BEACH FOR THE FIRST TIME and secondhand smoked for a little while hahahah

It was so cool! I chose pink and teal because I’m seriously in love with teal this season. I was going to do orange and teal, but had to stop myself and think really, really, really hard if those two would actually work together. These are some of the work-in-progress pictures:
Painting Collage 1

Upon getting to the art walls in Venice Beach, I felt kind of intimidated. There were people there already, and some were sitting around, maybe admiring a work they just finished. To the wall next to us, there was this guy who was very friendly and was working on his piece. He was so cool! He helped us and gave us a couple of tips with spray painting. This is the end product:

I really tried hard on the golden middle part of the flower, but I later on found out that it’s best to let the paint DRY first then add the next color. I don’t know if it was the fumes or the secondhand smoking, but I had a hard time really seeing what I wanted to do lol. I settled for this, but next time (if schedule permits) I want to go back and redeem myself! Maybe I’ll use paint pens instead of spray paint? But now that I think about it, that doesn’t fulfill the concept of using spray paint as the main medium.

This was another great activity! Getting to Venice Beach has always been in the back of my mind, but it’s about time I visit, despite the fact I’ve lived in CA for five years. This was seriously the greatest excuse 😀


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