Wk 7- EC Activity- Venice Beach on a Sunday Afternoon


Today was so epic! My dear amigas and I went to Venice Beach to properly do this assignment, and thanks to our very responsible and cautious driver, Allie, we got there safe and sound.
The atmosphere was buzzing with so many things going on! It was like an open fair! People were skateboarding, they were pumping iron, some were on skates! Lots of people were on their bikes and some were in the ocean. There was also a Kevin Hart look-alike with his crew of street performers!! A guy with his electric guitars and skates was there- I think I saw him in a documentary once…

It was kind of trashy, as in cig butts everywhere, but that was overlooked because we got really busy with the painting… and the houses caught most of our attention! Ugh. Modern construction, world’s smallest yard- this stretch alone was filled with houses with really big windows!! WINDOWSS! ARE IMPORTANT! ! ! Venice is important!

The little boutiques reminded me a lot of the day I spent in Baja California, Mexico. There were sales everywhere and artists were selling their art.

Collage 2

Here is a gist of what happened today. I went with the loveliest people on earth: Allie, Conny, Steph, and Diana 😀

Music by: soundcloud.com/odesza/say-my-name-hermitude-remix


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