Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Sara Kodesh

This week, I gladly introduce Sara Kodesh. Sara is a junior in Fashion Merchandise, currently 22 years old, and is Guatemalan-German. She has a keen interest iIMG_3498n the world of fashion. In fact, her outfit last Thursday was so well thought out! She paired burgundy items with a black and white loose pants, with rose gold accessories. She’s so chic and composed! I initially thought that she was at the least a sophomore, because she looks so young. Now that I think about it, I should’ve asked her what her skincare regime is lol.

As mentioned earlier, Sara is a Fashion Merchandising student. It’s the type of work that plans and designs layouts of stores. She currently works at Nordstrom, but plans on leaving soon to make some more room for her studies. Sara is taking Art 110 not only to complete the GE requirement, but also to immerse herself in the visual aspect of art. Art is fun to look at!

Sara has two dogs: one is a Chihuahua-Yorkie and another is a Maltese-Poo. Sara has traveled to different countries. She’s been to Spain and Italy (wowza!) and Costa Rica. I asked her some of the things in her bucket list and she listed traveling to France and visit couture houses, such as Chanel and Dior.

I also discovered that Sara used to own a fashion boutique online. Because of her current hectic schedule, she paused it for a while, but hopes to get back in the business soon. I thought she creates her own jewelry or clothes, but she told me that she usually sold wholesale items. Nonetheless, owning an online boutique is so cool, even though it is very time consuming. Sara told me she really wanted to just focus on her studies and finish quickly. We talked a lot about how hard it is to have a part-time job and go to school at the same time. It made me rethink my future plans because I thought of getting a job. Sara is so serious about finishing school, though. It warms me that she and I share the importance of getting an education.

I asked her what kind of music she listened to, and she said 90s rock. She likes to listen to bands like Third Eye Blind and Radiohead. She’s so cool! From her outfit and knowing her major, I actually was judgmental and thought that she’s like those stereotypical sorority girls (sorry, Sara!). She also added that she currently can’t get enough of one of 2014’s amazing singers, Jhene Aiko. We both agreed that Jhene is from out of this universe because her voice, talent, and beauty are otherworldly! Then I asked her what is her current favorite food. She answered pad thai! The reason for the exclamation mark at the end of that sentence is because I don’t know a lot of non-Asians who like Thai food. It’s either too spicy, or too seafood-y, or just plain weird. And pad thai is pretty weird, too, but it is amazing. She recommended a hole-in-a-wall place in Long Beach and gushed that they make the best pad thai in the area.

At the last leg of our conversation, Sara gave me an advice: “Don’t get credit cards and don’t move out.” At this moment, I am not to keen on getting credit cards. I have a debit card, but I don’t even touch it(in fact my mother keeps it somewhere lol). And as for moving out, I will take her advice on that too. When my place in this world progresses and I see that I could stand on my own, then maybe I’ll leave my nest lol.

It was nice meeting Sara 🙂 I honestly was judgmental at first, but she is an awesome person.
For more on Sara, visit here.


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