Week 9- Artists- Salon des Refusés


For this week, I met the coordinator of Salon des Refusés, Andre Stevenson. Upon meeting him, I called him curator, to which he calmly explained that his job was different from a curator. He is simply the coordinator of the show. He further explained that curators are more meticulous and detailed, while his job was that he helped put together the entire show minus the meticulousness. The show consisted of artworks from people who volunteered to participate, only to be accepted without any catch or critique, which I think is a marvelous concept! The history behind Salon is pretty interesting also. The fact that the exhibition helped rejected artists with their careers is such a wonderful act of kindness. Here are a couple of my favorites from the show:


ReIMG_3599cently, I saw a video about the decaying of hamburgers from fast food chains in a span of a month. Surprisingly, almost all the other burgers, besides McDonald’s cheeseburger, was covered with mold. It was so funny, but alarming as well because it raises the question if McDonald’s is real food. The piece above reminded me of that. I thought the food has been there for a month, but then I realized the exhibition has been around for a couple of days…meaning the food has been there for at least a week now. It’s also funny that there are candles around the food because it is true, lots of people “worship” McDonald’s. From 2005-2009, I used to live near a McDonald’s in Chicago. Then this year, we moved further into the heart of my city and guess what? There’s a McDonald’s five minutes away from my house. Coincidence??? I think no0-t. I think McDonald’s could sense that I am distancing myself away, so in response, it stalks me back. It’s calling for me… I must… resist…


The other concept brought up in the sIMG_3585how is the celebration of eclecticism. This is a reason that I liked this show. It’s a mix of different art works by different people. Society labels them as rejects, but in reality, they’re probably very, very honest to their audience. In the description to the left, there is this line that says : “The eclectic dives headfirst into the storm of human creativity”. I love this line so, so much. It glues together the presence of the different kinds of art in the room. Unique. Diverse. Eclectic. For me, that is what art is all about- to be able to use imagination and a greater perspective in life to make something that is able to move people to laughter or questions or better yet, move people to tears. I’d be one happy and accomplished SOB if I were to see someone cry because of my art.


This one is so sweet. It’s so real. So human. It’s so heartbreaking for me because it has two things I don’t have: a lover and rain hahahah.

It makes me want to have someone bring me bouquets of flowers on a rainy day. RAINY DAYS OMG I think we need rainy days more than anything at the moment. I wonder who’re the flowers for. Maybe a wife? A mom? A friend? A daughter? So many questions… but that’s the beauty of reading this. I could come up with a couple of stories to accompany this picture. I could write a book from this picture! And make it into the bestseller of all bestsellers.

Andre was a really cool coordinator. He explained a lot of things for me and I really appreciated that. He didn’t seem irritated by my questions either. It must be hard to be a coordinator, especially if it’s a party of one; but maybe this is rewarding for Andre, and I applaud him and the artists for all their hard work. Thank you so much for a wonderful show!

More of Salon des Refusés on their Arts Ink Council Page.
More on the Salon des Refusés on their Facebook Page.


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