Wk 9- Classmate Conversations- Angelica Camacho

For this week’s person of the week, I interviewed Angelica Camacho!IMG_3584 Fun fact: I was standing and turned around when suddenly, Angelica was behind me and I immediately asked her if I could interview her lol. That was great. I should do that more often haha.

Angelica is a sophomore at CSULB. She is currently an Undecided, but plans on taking the realm of journalism or creative writing. I asked her why she’s taking Art 110, and like many of us, she’s doing it for the GE req. That being said, Angelica likes blogging! She told me that blogging lets her be free with her ideas and thoughts, just like writing. If she were to take on blogging seriously, it’d be about general social topics and travel. Angelica loves to travel! One of the places she has on her bucket list is- guess what is it- SPAIN yeaH! I think there is something about Spain that I need to research because almost everyone that I’ve interviewed so far has listed Spain in their BL.

Angelica is so cool. We got to talk about family and boys and our personalities. She said she is usually shy, but then she could be outspoken- there seems to be no in between! That’s not my first impression though. In fact, I actually was really glad she just went along with me when I said hi in a very weird manner. We talked about our plans this weekend. I don’t have anything special, but she’s going to a wedding, or I think she already did. She told me her dress is dark/navy blue 🙂  Have I mentioned Angelica is so cool? She told me she works at Knott’s BF!! I asked her if she’s doing the Scary Farm thing, but she told me she operates the rides. BUT THAT’S STILL AWESOME. A rider depends on her for the rides to work. She’s the controller of the feelings of thousands of people who come to Knott’s BF. On our last minutes together, I asked her what kind of music she listens to. She answered with jazz and classical music because it’s relaxing. O-M-G. This is so cool because I’ve been listening to a couple of jazz songs for a playlist I’m working on for SFSH. Then I asked her what kind of food she likes and she said choCOLATE HEY I LIKE CHOCOLATE TOO.

I think I’ve found my soul-bestfriend-mate.

This is too cool it’s almost frozen. [OK so I just noticed right now that Angelica’s WP is angelicaelsacamacho.wp.com this is so cool!!!! I swear this is a coincidence]

Thanks Angelica! For more on Angie, visit her blog here.


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