Wk 10- Artist- #sculptured


This week in the Merlino and Gatov West galleries, BFA Sculpture students presented us with an amazing collection of artwork using different materials. In Gatov West, the one below is one of my favorites:

Week 10 Collage

I love it because it from afar, the beetle looks fake, when it is actually 100% alive!! And the wire eyeglasses, OH MY GOSH. It was the cutest thing ever. It reminded me of Jiminy Cricket. However, I saw this piece as a show of violence because I don’t think the beetle is happy to be in there. I guess there are some art that are hurtful to people and there are some that spread happiness. Then there are some that question the entire earth, which I think is brilliant. I’d like to question mother earth about a lot of things. The other piece that I really, really, aggressively liked is this one:
IMG_3737IMG_3738This one reminded me of various veiled sculptures made out of marble. I wanted to touch it so badly, but I knew that I couldn’t so I DIDN’T (sobs). Because of my amusement, I forgot the material this was made out of, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t marble. My closest guess is plaster (I seriously wanted to touch it), but despite it being “just” plaster, the entire piece is so… weird- In a very good way. Like I’ve mentioned, it reminded me of veiled sculptures, similar to the The Veiled Virgin by Giovanni Strazza and Antonio Corradini’s Modesty. It may not even be a close comparison to the listed masterpieces, but like real marble veiled sculptures, this piece gave me a sense of fragility- so maybe now that I think of it, I did a great job of not touching it. I couldn’t put together the message of the letters, but it didn’t even seem like there was a message. A HIDDEN MESSAGE?? The letters are hidden under that cloth-like thing. WHAT? WHAT? GENIUS.

The pieces in the Merlino gallery were very Halloween-y. It was dark. It was spooky. It was weird to the millionth power. But it was sO COOL. I only took a picture of the one below because: 1. there was a box with squishy body parts that allowed us to touch (boy, did I touch to my heart’s content) and I tried to take a picture on the inside, but it didn’t work out; 2. there was a piece with what seemed like the Virgin Mary with her mouth wide open very maniacally, which reminded me of weeping angels from Doctor Who so I didn’t even think about taking a picture of it. Below is the cute neon pink pig and it seemed harmless. Perfect. Harmless pink pigs are perfect. IMG_3715

Thank you to the artists who shared their pieces in the Merlino and Gatov West this week! It was fun to look at and actually touch some 😀

Update: I actually just realized that if you type #sculptured on Instagram, it’s a bunch of pictures of nail art. And when you look at the show’s event page on Facebook, the profile pic and the picture on their event postcard is the nail art emoji!!!!!! This “hidden message” thing is all over this show and I’m getting mind blown at every angle.


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