Wk 10- Classmate Conversation- Nicole Ilagan

IMG_3716My lovely friends, this is Nicole Ilagan! She is currently a second year Film Major, but more excitingly, she is currently the producer of College Beat‘s Late Night Long Beach.

Nicole is so cool. She kindly asked to interview me last week, but I still remembered her calmly approaching me, so how could I turn her down? 🙂 What really surprised me is how determined she is. I love meeting people who have things going on for them at such a young age, even if its a small dream or a big one, so long as they’re taking the initiative to further on their careers. They inspire me to work on my dreams and passions. Nicole has been interning for Hollywood companies in the past summers and now she’s taking charge as producer of Late Night LB. This may not seem like much for people in that field, but this is amazing to me! This is an amazing start for her career and I applaud her for it! She mentioned she is usually shy and reserved, but she is able to throw herself into the fire and go for new and strange experiences, no matter how much it scares her. This is another level of bravery for me. I was able to relate to Nicole because she said she gets anxious before meetings with her bosses. I get scared of adults with authority also.

Nicole’s favorite food is seafood. I think this is cool because most of the people I’ve met can not stand fish or shrimp. She listens to music by Twenty One Pilots and The Black Keys. Nicole also mentioned that she would love to travel to Greece or Thailand in the future. This is very different to the Spains that I’ve received in the past few weeks. Nicole’s got me thinking of Santorini and Phuket!

1. How would you like to be remembered?
NI: I would like to be remembered as a creative person that made an impact somehow on the community around me wherever I go. I hope to inspire others by being an outlet for others to tell their stories. (Think Humans of NY, but in a different way- still figuring it all out, but the main goal is to inspire and connect with others!)
2. Is there something you would never do?
NI: I don’t want to limit myself from experiences, so I’m pretty open-minded. I’m the type that would be open to skydiving, but when I’m in the plane, I’ll start to freak out. However, I’ll eventually follow through and jump out of that plane. Haha.
3. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had as an intern?
NI: I don’t think I have had any bad experience as an intern. If anything, it was all new experiences that ends up helping the project/process in some way. However, I’ve done my fair share of coffee runs for executives and whatnot, but I do have that mindset of “hard work does pay off,” so I don’t really mind. (Plus everyone I’ve worked for so far have been really nice, and they let me get coffee too 🙂
4. Do you like rainy days?
NI: I like rainy days when I’m prepared for them. Dressed warm and cozy with a nice hot chocolate or peppermint mocha. SoCal also needs a lot of rain anyways. However, when it rains unexpectedly and I don’t have a jacket… Nope. But I’ll figure it out and deal with it.

Besides College Beat, Nicole also helps her friends produce projects. She told me about her top secret project with a friend that they’re currently working on. She said we’ll get an update when it’s finished! While we wait, here is the Halloween Special of Late Night LB:

Thanks for a wonderful interview, Nicole! Wish you the best in all of your future projects!
For more on Nicole, visit here.


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