Week 10- Activity- Landscape with a Corpse


Hi friends!

This was me merrily riding my horse until suddenly rain fell and the poor horse slipped and I cracked my skull on impact, but no blood, oh no, blood is too messy. I wanted to dress up a knight princess for this one, but also, I think the fact that I’m in my pajamas raises the idea that I could be a knight princess escaping an evil force who’s ambushed my castle, not giving me anytime to change into my majestic clothing.

Thanks to my broski, Mark, because he showed some true sibling love and took this photo (he never does anything for me unless there’s a catch). Unfortunately, I thought the rain was going to get worse come Saturday afternoon so we shot this Saturday morning. It was slightly drizzling, which I didn’t mind at all because California has been in dire need of rain, and also because I took a shower right after. Some of the droplets showed on my dress.


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