Wk 11- Artist- The Uppers

IMG_2522This week’s show in the Gatov East consisted of paintings from different artists. One word I thought was fitting: psychedelic. One of the people inside the gallery actually blurted this word out loud and I immediately agreed.The guy said it to this painting:


It’s a wild mix of reds and blues, yellows and greens. This is a very creative use of only primary colors and even though it may seem like just a jumbled mess to some, it tickled my fancy. It revived my love for brushstrokes and color. It’s full on abstract painting and I like it. Big canvases are also a plus of awesome for me. I have yet to just buy a big blank canvas and go crazy.



IMG_3792Imagine if a war were to be fought with color and paint, this is what battlefields would probably look like. I don’t know where I’m exactly going with this idea, but I feel it’s a good one. It’d be nice to see people throw paint at each other than throw bombs or bullets. Winner would be the one who dodged the paint the most. Ok I’m done.

When I looked at these I also thought that anyone could throw paint on a canvas. This isn’t a negative observation. I felt inspired because this sent me the message that my vision, no matter how weird or complex it is, so long as I make something and am active about showing it to the world- the mere fact that it’s out there for people to see- is a good enough reason to continue making art. I’ve been in a slump lately, and it’s mostly because of other school work, but I’m slowly getting my momentum back.

Thanks to the artists for a great show! I found a couple of the artists online: Justin J. Smith’s website here and a post on the GLAMFA website of Michael Rollins here.


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