Wk 11- Classmate Conversations- Maeghan Mcbee

IMG_3787Hi friends! Meet Maeghan Mcbee! Maeghan is a second year Criminal Justice major and forensics minor from northern California. She dreams of becoming a Homicide Detective and working for the FBI.

I asked if anyone else in her family worked in law enforcement, but she said there weren’t any. Long hours of watching CSI shows, specifically CSI Las Vegas, initially sparked her love for the investigative field. In the past semesters, Maeghan has gone to camps and conventions that relate to her field! She’s traveled to the east coast and stayed at one of the universities hosting a forensics camp. She told me about the time she and her group saw cadavers and blood (HORROR). However, she did see this as an essential form of initiation because this is what homicide detectives deal with. Same with nurses.

A couple of things in her bucket list include sky diving for her 20 birthday and travel to Europe. She also aspires to volunteer for the Peace Corps. This is so cool!! I normally don’t hear volunteering as part of someone’s bucket list. Maeghan likes to read! I like to read too! She mostly likes mysteries book, but have finished the entire Twilight series, which I applaud her for, because as a person who just watched the movies, reading the series is pretty rad. We both found out that even thought we tried to read the Harry Potter books, it just didn’t work out as we thought lol. Maeghan listens to all kinds of music… even screamo! Her ex-boyfriend apparently got her into it and she liked it, but right now she’s into alternative and classical music. Her favorite food is sushi! She mentioned that she used to be a pescatarian, but stopped because she became anemic, which kind of doesn’t make sense because fish and seafood contain lots of iron.

Maeghan took art for the GE requirement like many of us, but she likes photography. She mentioned that she really liked last week’s activity.


For this week, she’s going to try gouache or maybe sculpt or work with pottery.

In our last few minutes, I asked her about upcoming plans this holiday. She’s spending Thanksgiving with family up north and Christmas in Reno, NV.

Fun Fact: CSULB was actually Maeghan’s first pick. I was soO surprised and amazed at the same time.

Thanks for the wonderful interview Maeghan!
For more on Maeghan visit here.


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