Wk 12- Classmate Interview- Victor Kan

IMG_3929Hey friends, meet Victor Kan. I met Victor last week by the galleries and it was really, really weird. It was like talking to a vegetable, but we both agreed it was because we were both #dead, as in it had been a very tiring day, despite it only being 11-12ish. Friends, Victor is a junior in Business Management. He said he really likes business, but that it’s really boring.

Since it was a really quick interview, I asked my favorite questions. I asked him about some of the things in his bucket list and he listed traveling to Cambodia and Vietnam. I’m assuming Asia in general, which is pretty cool. Some of his hobbies include looking for new music to listen to, working out, and drinking milk tea. Some of his future plans include helping out his parent’s business after college.

Then I asked him: “If you were an animal, what would you be?” He answered with falcon. This guy wants to be a falcon! He said it’s because falcons fly really fast. He then talked about spirit evolutions and made a really weird Digimon reference, which I didn’t get at first, but when he said “Digi”- OH MY GOOD- it all frickin’ clicked! We ended our interview with him saying Pokemon is mainstream.

Thanks for a light interview! For more on Victor, visit here.


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