Week 12- Artist- Michelle Thompkins (and Frank) (aka Frankchelle)

This week was bIMG_3941y far my new favorite, thanks to this marvelous team!! Michelle Thompkins and partner/boyfriend Frank presented us such a heartwarming show this week. Seriously, it was wonderful.

I went in last Wednesday and it was quiet, but that’s what made it so wonderful for me. It was me and some lady’s art and I was literally gaga over each and every panel. I swear my jaw dropped to the floor.

The title “The Magic Hours” is so fitting because that’s what it felt like being inside of the gallery. It was dark, it was mysterious, it was all kinds of fancy. From the graphite sketches to the animations, it was freaking epic. I feel that my vocabulary is not capable of fully describing just how wonderful that exhibit was. Not only that, Michelle seems like such a down-to-earth person! From her statement on the wall inside the gallery, she says that despite the chaos around her, she is “filled with nothing but gratitude”. And from our short, but sweet interview, she gave me a really big smile, even though she was probably #done with the day as well. She’s such a positive ball of energy and it shows through her work.


This one reminded me of the city. At first it was Paris, but then changed to New York City. It’s such a wonderful mix of different hues. There’s the liveliness of the scene, then there seems to be a bokeh effect around the scene! In the one below, it reminded me a lot of the traffic in LA:


I IMG_3915can’t say that I have a definite favorite among the pieces because they are ALL my favorite. The blues, navy, purples, lilacs, pastels- the colors in general gave me such a comforting feeling that I have seriously haven’t felt in a long time. I love the use of blues and purples in the show. I can’t get over how COMFORTING IT IS. Last Wednesday I had a Stats class and I had to drag myself out of the gallery to get to my class on time.

Michelle told me it was a combination of digital art and traditional mediums. She would scan and then do some by hand and then scan and then do some by hand… I asked her if she was a one woman team… and gladly, she was not! This where Frank comes in. Apparently, Frank is the mastermind behind the projection and the trajectory and the science and math related to the projected video onto the sculpture. That’s when I asked them if they have a nickname, a couple nickname. They both said no, but Michelle came up with Franchelle. HOW FREAKING CUTE MAN.

e71zl e71zx

SO FREAKING AWESOME. Even Diana was intrigued by how tIMG_3921he animations and the projection turned out. It’s a clever concept, and it’s so meticulously programmed that my brain is shutting down by just thinking how much work programming that could’ve been. I applaud the both of them for their hard work!

I asked if there was going to be a continuation of the story, and Michelle confirmed it. It’s going to be an eBook soon 😀 I’m excited because eBooks, or just books in general, maybe just be books for a couple of years, but one day, it’s going to be a big hit to some up-and-coming director or producer and who knows, it might be turned into the next best animation film. Something similar happened with Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolisthat’s why I was so pumped when Michelle mentioned the eBook plans.

Thanks a bunch to Michelle and Frank for such an amazing show!!!


2 thoughts on “Week 12- Artist- Michelle Thompkins (and Frank) (aka Frankchelle)

    • HI mudpilewood! I don’t know if the artist is selling prints, but will get back to you about it.
      The animations were indeed very warm 🙂 I assume it’s already freezing in Ireland. Thanks for stopping by and keep warm!

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