Wk 12- Activity Feedback

  • 3 fave activities:
    • Wk 3 Kickstarted Film Festival EC– I really liked this one because I got a glimpse of a really creative community of people with fun and exciting ideas! It was a very active and engaging atmosphere that even my dad, who came to the festival with me, went home amazed.
    • Wk 6 French Girls Drawing App– Software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has always intrigued me, so to use a baby version of the big guys was so much fun! It was funny and new. People are crazy talented and just plain crazy in that app!
    • Wk 7 Venice Beach EC– I’ve never gone to Venice Beach in the 5-6 years I have lived in Southern California, so to go there with really fab friends and spray paint was like killing two birds with one stone- not that I would want to kill two birds.
  • 3 least fave activities:
    • Wk 9 Vlog– I was all over the place on this one. I had a short script, similar to the sample introduction Glen had on the activity page, but I would stray away from what I wrote. Again, I know very well that I’m a behind the scenes person, so this was really difficult. I had to be ballsy and just get it over it, but it was exhausting.
    • Wk 8 ePortfolio– This was also exhausting as well. The activity called for an ePortfolio regarding our majors, but I thought my major is pretty boring right now, so I made a new website for SFSH Zine. I guess a couple of things came out of this activity: I downloaded a trial of Photoshop and went crazy. I also published an ISSUU version of SFSH Zine No. 1 😀
    • Wk 3 Kickstarter Video– Ugh. This took me all day to record. I had a script, but again I would stray and not say what I wanted to say. I’m pretty satisfied with the end video, however, it was just the process that was exhausting.


  • This class is probably the chillest class I will ever have in college, and I’m so thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met and the wonderful friends I’ve gained. It wasn’t hard at all because I already like blogging and I already liked art before I came to the class. The hard part was going up to people and interviewing them, but I’ve realized they probably feel the same degree of anxiety that I feel.
  • What would make the class better?
    • I actually have no suggestions on what would make it better. I am very content with the activities assigned because others could do something simple and others could opt to do something fancier(which is what I seem to have mostly done, but this is because this was my choice and I had a lot of time on my hands, compared to classmates with part-time jobs and such).

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