Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Bowas Yang

Bowas ew

I met Bowas Yang in the galleries and he is a very chill person. Bowas is a first year and a Film major from Fullerton, CA (wow that’s a lot of Fs). I asked where his name came from and he said that it’s a lesser-known Korean name from the Bible. I discovered Bowas chose film because he enjoys it. What seems to have started as a hobby bloomed into a passion. He listed the Star Wars movies and Inception as some of the films that made him solidly enjoy making films.

Like many others, Bowas took Art 110 for the GE credit and cites that he half enjoyed it and half didn’t. Originally he applied to the film school at USC, but was rejected. I asked Bowas if he were a tree, what would he be: He answered redwoods (I answered pine). He told me that he would like to visit France and go to the Louvre. He likes to listen to acoustic, rock, and heavy metal music.

On the last leg of our interview, Bowas told me that he wants to continue to make narrative pieces that enables him to interact with actors. For example, his USC Film application was about a tennis player with internal conflicts:

Bowas plays the guitar and has been playing for about 6 years. Bowas “made a very good looking yet unappreciated music video with Christian Espinosa” for Wk 11’s Your Turn activity:

To send Bowas and Christian some well needed praise for their awesome cover, visit here.


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