Wk 13- Artists- Post Synthesis

Color, color, color! Color is everywhere this week in all of the galleries! I must say the show that grew on me is the Post Synthesis collaboration amongst really awesome BFA students!

Wk 13 Collage

1. Jesse Minott “Shoreline” 2. Cynthia Lujan “Transgression III” 3. Carlos Sierra “Trinity II” 4. Romina Del Castillo “Art History”


Left: Chase Wolcott “Tiger Bar” Right: Chase Wolcott “3 Legged Seagull”

Most of the paintings were of oil and acrylic paint on canvases. The piece on the bottom right square above is done in charcoal, pastel, and chalk.

But the painting that I really, really, really (wanted to touch) eh, liked 🙂 is Jeff Dulla’s Cyclical Nature:


And Jeff Dulla’s Chaos:

I went on Jeff’s IG page, and I noticed that most of his hashtags included #surrealism, #psychedelicart, and #visionaryart- which is all very accurate because this is the kind of vibe that these two paintings give off. It also reminds me of the legendary city of gold: El Dorado. Imagine someone on IG just itching to see something novel and out of this world- because food pictures and people’s shoes on the floor are so 2013- then they come across this! This was like a Thanksgiving dinner- no-  more like a Fourth of July fireworks special! Especially Chaos, which reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the blending of different elements such as water, earth, fire, air. Long ago the four natio…

IMG_4015I only had my phone camera with me, so I couldn’t exactly capture the texture the way I had wanted. I wanted the texture of the oil to show out because it was so cool (and I wished I touched it). I guess some of the layers of paint show on the pic, but meh. The landscape was a total color buffet to the eyes. Food for the eyes, as some call it. This piece alone had the balance of what seem to be good vs. bad, life vs. death- green and yellow for life; red, purple, and blues for death.

Besides my favorites, the entire show was so good overall. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and worked really hard!

For more pics and info on the artists, visit their PS Facebook page and Studio FA4 on IG.
For more on Jeff Dulla: Facebook & Instagram.


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