Wk 15- Artist Interview- Hyeri Lynn Kim


Our last artist interview at the galleries and Hyeri Kim’s His Extravagant Proposal caught my eyes.

At first glance, I thought it was about a man and woman. A man, a very rich man and his gifts to his partner. I thought about how shallow I’d perceived the show, so I read Kim’s statement, and also met her in person. I forgot to take a picture of her, but I swear she’s really pretty and cool! She explained that it is similar to the love between man and woman, and that the show focuses more on God’s love, which exists between all kinds of lovers. PicMonkey Collage

I love how the show exuded so much elegance and purity. Two of the pieces were pearl necklaces (above, below). These were my favorite because I’ve never seen pearl and metal together. It’s a mix of good vs. bad, feminine vs. masculine; but both materials fit together so well! It is a great way to show unity and love.


These are seriously products of a very skilled jeweler. Kim told me that everything is handmade. Most of the material were bought from stores and overseas. The designs are so intricate on some of the pieces that it blows my mind away because it seems like such a long and hard process. First, she has to draw the piece out, then she has to mold and cut or impress the design on to the metal. I have tried making bracelets and earrings, and it definitely requires an artist’s full attention and love for the craft. I could sense Hyeri’s love through her craft, and she’s done such a wonderful job expressing that through her show and through the various pieces.

For more on Hyeri Kim, visit her tumblr page.


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