Wk 15- Classmate Interview- Kim Tang

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovelyIMG_4291, Kim Tang 🙂 Kim is so cool *o* We had so much to talk about!! First of all, she is a second year Nursing major. Kim gladly shared a bunch of advice about the so many things that is required to get in the Nursing program in CSULB. I’m so relieved when I started talking to her about it because she’s one of the few people I’ve met that really understand the stresses about the program. Kim tells me that she is planning on furthering her education to become a CRNA, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist. She joked that it’s because she doesn’t like interacting with people lol jk, but I feel the same way sometimes hahaha.

I discovered that Kim’s favorite food is a Vietnamese dish called Bo Nhung Dam, or Beef Vinegar Hot Pot. I looked it up and it looks so good! It’s kind of like shabu shabu in Japan or the Korean barbecue(minus the grill). Kim said that if she were a color, she’d be green because it represents life to her. While I was interviewing her, she was wearing a lot of pink, but her bag was green. This bag was a crochet/knitted bag! Kim is a crafter! OH MY

I get really pumped when people say they do some form of crafting. And Kim seems to have tried it all! Crocheting, knitting, polymer clay making- just to name a few. And what’s crazy is that I’ve tried all of these! We talked about yarn and clay charms for jewelry. Below are some of her cute creations:

Vintage Style RabbitsCrafting could be a very difficult hobby. It could get very expensive too. She got me to agree when she said that we should shop for materials back home because it gets cheaper. By “back home” I meant Vietnam for Kim and the Philippines for me.  She’s planning on traveling back to Vietnam next summer! I found out that Kim wants to volunteer with either the Red Cross or the Peace Corps with her younger brother. This is such an amazing and kind way to travel and help others at the same time.

I am so grateful to the angels above that I met another nursing major like Kim. We have this communal understanding that the program is really hard to get in to, so we help each other through advices. I couldn’t believe that she’s a crafter too! Have I found my new craft soulmate? Did I even have an old craft soulmate? Lol Nevertheless, our last interview for this class was a very nice one!

For more on Kim Tang visit her here.


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